SPAM at the Pacific APA in 2020

SPAM will be hosting two group sessions during the Pacific APA in San Francisco this April.  Come join us!

Session 1: Sentience Across Species, Class, and Kingdom

Evan Thompson (UBC) “Sentience and Biopsychism”

Kristin Andrews (York) “A Dynamic Marker Approach to Identifying Consciousness”

Irina Mikhalevich (RIT) “Consciousness, cognition, and the moral standing of invertebrate animals”

Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside) “Is There Something It’s Like to Be a Garden Snail?”


Session 2: Methods of Observations in the Animal Mind Sciences

Colin Allen (Pittsburg) “Chirps, grunts, and guffaws: a philosopher in the context of experimental design for comparative cognition”

Kristin Andrews (York) “Principles of Comparative Cognition Science”

Cameron Buckner (Houston) “From Philosophical Inspiration to Experimental Design:  Avoiding Common Biases and Blind Spots”

Maria Botero (Sam Houston State) “Is Observing Animal Behavior an Exclusively Perceptual Process?”


I can’t promise that we will work sea lions into the talks, but we can always plan a field trip!

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