Schedule for sPAM sessions at the Pacific APA

sPAM is going to San Francisco this April to bring TWO panels to the American Philosophical Association Pacific  meeting (April 8-11).

The first panel “Sentience Across Species, Class, and Kingdom” is Wednesday evening 4-6 pm.

Kristin Andrews (York University)
“A Dynamic Marker Approach to Identifying Consciousness”
Irina Mikhalevich (Rochester Institute of Technology)
“Consciousness, Cognition, and the Moral Standing of Invertebrate Animals”
Eric Schwitzgebel (University of California, Riverside)
“Is There Something It’s Like to Be a Garden Snail?”
Evan Thompson (University of British Columbia)
“Sentience and Biopsychism”

The second panel “Methods of Observations in the Animal Mind Sciences” on is Thursday evening 6-8 pm.

Kristin Andrews (York University)
“Are There Any Principles of Comparative Cognition?”
Colin Allen (University of Pittsburgh)
“Chirps, Grunts, and Guffaws: A Philosopher in the Context of Experimental Design for Comparative Cognition”
Mike Dacey (Bates College)
Maria Botero (Sam Houston State University)
“Is Observing Animals Behavior an Exclusively Perceptual Process?”

Hope to see you there!

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