SPAM at the APA (almost)

We were among the sessions that didn’t quite make it due to snow in Savannah.  We had a great program too, so it was a pity not to all meet up in person–and to suffer the delayed flights and sleeping in airports. Here’s the program:

Chair:                      Maria Botero (Sam Houston State University)

Speaker:                Susana Monsó (Messerli Research Institute
University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna)

                                   “Why we should care whether animals are moral”

Commentator: Kristin Andrews (York University)

Speaker:                      Richard Moore (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

                                         “From great ape communication to human language”

Commentator:            Colin Allen (Pittsburg)

Speaker:                      Mark Rowlands (University of Miami)

                                         “Self- and other-awareness in animals”

Commentator:            Lori Gruen (Wesleyan)


To make up for what would have been a great session, we’re going to bring it to you here, on the SPAM webpage. Stay tuned!