Coming soon–Lori Gruen’s Critical Terms for Animal Studies (UChicago)

The newest Critical Terms book from University of Chicago Press! Lori Gruen has edited Critical Terms for Animal Studies, a volume that includes chapters by philosophers and animal studies scholars. Take a look:

  1. Abolition (Claire Kim, political science)
  2. Activism (Jeff Sebo and Peter Singer, philosophy)
  3. Anthropocentrism (Fiona Probyn Rapsey, cultural studies)
  4. Behavior (Alexadra Horowitz, psychology)
  5. Biopolitics (Dinesh Wadiwel, politics)
  6. Captivity (Lori Marino, neuroscience)
  7. Difference (Kari Weil, comp lit)
  8. Emotion (Barbara King, anthropology)
  9. Empathy (Lori Gruen, philosophy)
  10. Ethics (Alice Crary, philosophy)
  11. Extinction (Thom Van Dooren, environmental humanities)
  12. Kinship (Augustin Fuentes, primatology)
  13. Law (Kristen Stilt, history and law)
  14. Life (Eduardo Kohn, anthropology)
  15.  Matter (James Stanescu, philosophy)
  16. Mind (Kristin Andrews, philosophy)
  17. Pain (Victoria Braithwaite, biology)
  18. Personhood (Colin Dayan, English and law)
  19. Post Colonial (Maneesha Dekha, law)
  20. Reason (Chris Korsgaard, philosophy)
  21. Representation (Robert McKay, literature)
  22. Rights (Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka, philosophy)
  23. Sanctuary (Timothy Pachirat, political theory)
  24. Sentience (Gary Varner, philosophy)
  25. Sociality (Cynthia Willett, philosophy)
  26. Species (Harriet Ritvo, history)
  27. Vulnerability (Anat Pick, film studies)
  28. Welfare (Clare Palmer and Peter Sandoe, philosophy and bioethics)
  29. Vegan (Annie Potts, cultural studies)

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