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Animal Normativity Conference June 16-17

Join us for Animal Normativity. What are the psychological and evolutionary foundations of moral and social norms? Are these normative capacities uniquely human, or are they also present in other species? How might the presence of normativity in nonhuman animals change our ethical obligations towards them? This two-day online conference will bring together an international …

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Schedule for sPAM sessions at the Pacific APA

sPAM is going to San Francisco this April to bring TWO panels to the American Philosophical Association Pacific  meeting (April 8-11). The first panel “Sentience Across Species, Class, and Kingdom” is Wednesday evening 4-6 pm. Kristin Andrews (York University) “A Dynamic Marker Approach to Identifying Consciousness” Irina Mikhalevich (Rochester Institute of Technology) “Consciousness, Cognition, and the Moral …

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SPAM at the Pacific APA in 2020

SPAM will be hosting two group sessions during the Pacific APA in San Francisco this April.  Come join us! Session 1: Sentience Across Species, Class, and Kingdom Evan Thompson (UBC) “Sentience and Biopsychism” Kristin Andrews (York) “A Dynamic Marker Approach to Identifying Consciousness” Irina Mikhalevich (RIT) “Consciousness, cognition, and the moral standing of invertebrate animals” …

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Coming soon–Lori Gruen’s Critical Terms for Animal Studies (UChicago)

The newest Critical Terms book from University of Chicago Press! Lori Gruen has edited Critical Terms for Animal Studies, a volume that includes chapters by philosophers and animal studies scholars. Take a look: Abolition (Claire Kim, political science) Activism (Jeff Sebo and Peter Singer, philosophy) Anthropocentrism (Fiona Probyn Rapsey, cultural studies) Behavior (Alexadra Horowitz, psychology) Biopolitics (Dinesh …

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SPAM at the APA (almost)

We were among the sessions that didn’t quite make it due to snow in Savannah.  We had a great program too, so it was a pity not to all meet up in person–and to suffer the delayed flights and sleeping in airports. Here’s the program: Chair:                      Maria Botero (Sam Houston State University) Speaker:                Susana Monsó (Messerli …

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The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Animal Minds now available

A philosophy of animal minds anthology! We’re excited to announce that The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Animal Minds, an anthology of 49 articles by leading philosophers on topics such as consciousness, the evolution of mind, reasoning, representation, methodology in animal cognition research, moral practice and moral standing, mindreading and theory of mind, metacognition, social …

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